Sophia And I Hangs Out

With my personality, I sure will try to be my daughter’s best friend. After all, I am a cool mom! But where do I draw the line between the two roles?

Sophia Appreciates

Having a grateful heart and being vocal about it also makes the other person wants to give you more. It sure does make it a lot easier for me when you ask for a bit more expensive stuff, for I know you appreciate a candy that costs ten cents the same way as a 300 dollars Switch.

Sophia See Sophia Do 3 (Gratitude)

Note to self: Sarah, whenever you have doubts, feel and acknowledge them. Somehow your daughter feels them, too. And it is ok. What is important is you try to find answers. And do not forget to have a grateful heart!

Sophia Understands

To my ex-boyfriend, whom I am forever indebted for the best gift I have ever been fortunate to receive, I wish you a happy birthday, health and peace. Please do not wait until it is too late to develop a relationship with your wonderful soon eight year old daughter.

Sophia See Sophia Do

I was again reminded that I should be careful about what I say and do as my little one can see and feel everything. For those with kids, maybe try to ask your child this question.

Sophia Skips School

It’s funny how she got upset because she is not well enough to attend school. I hope this attitude continue until she’s done with university. I remember when I was in kindergarten, I spent an entire afternoon (the whole class) in the playground with a classmate.

The Gift Of A Happy Helper

Have you ever went to the groceries with a list, tell yourself you will buy only the least you can get away with and come home with even more? 

How Do You Buy An iPad?

If you will buy a new #iPad, bring a copy of your (or your friend’s) child’s school documents to get a discount, and they allow up to 12 months 0% installment.

How Do You Buy A Phone?

If you will buy a new #Samsung phone, use your #Citibank card to get 5% discount, and they allow up to 36 months 0% installment.

How Do You Nurture A Child?

I promise I will listen to your criticisms (made in a very loving manner) and keep an open mind. I love you dearly, Anak.

How Do You Pose?

I would invite you to watch, but I do not have a link yet. Maybe it is time we try Facebook live eh?

How Do You Motivate Yourself?

I think doing the checklist will help us lead healthier, happier and better-rounded lives. And that should be all the inspiration we need.

Today Sophia Swims

I was having an off-day again (for a couple of weeks now). And as I watch Sophia having a good time at the pool, it made me feel a lot better.

Today I Slept

I could not sleep until almost 4am (after having chicken, cereals and cake while watching Seinfeld) last night and only managed to get 4 hours. When I reluctantly opened my eyes, my head felt like it has turned to lead. And just my luck, when I checked my phone, I got notified that a certainContinue reading “Today I Slept”

Today I Do Not Judge

This will definitely take time, but I will work on it. Whenever something happens, I will pause for a minute, not resist (“is that so?”) and not judge (“maybe”). Would you like to try with me?

Today I Teach Sophia Acceptance

I just got an email from Google maps regarding my September update. the highlights of the month was visiting Makati and Pasay. Does it get better than this?