The One With All The Sale

I am not sure when I have started noticing, but I am not like most women. I am not into following showbiz news and fashion magazines and make ups and shoes etc. And shopping stresses me out. The only time I enjoy it is when I am doing it with someone I want to spend time with. Other than that, I hate it! Whenever I need something, I wait for the very last minute to go to the mall. And it would be too frustrating then. It really is a vicious cycle.

The pandemic has been extra annoying for me. If there is something I hate more than shopping, it is online shopping. I am not good in estimating sizes and sometimes even if I got it right, there is something about having to try clothes on and seeing if it actually looks good on me. I got Sophia a jumpsuit last month, and it was a little too short for her, like mid-calf shorter. I am just a terrible shopper! To be fair, I looked at our photos first, but did not help at all!

Unfortunately, I could not totally avoid it. I would rather still go through the arduous process than hire a personal shopper. And if I would be honest, I think the idea of parting with my money is making shopping all the more difficult for me. But since it is inevitable, I suppose I find it a little bit more tolerable if I think I am saving some. Today, maybe I will check out what is on sale in Shopee and Lazada. Fingers crossed! There is an additional 10% off using Citibank credit card. Might as well take advantage of these!

What is a good buy today?

#ToABetterSarah #ShowMeTheMoney #FromZeroToHero

How can you resist?


  1. Ceceil Gomez says:

    Zalora for clothes and shoes. Most items can be returned or exchanged, no questions asked.


    1. Thank you, Cec! So far, I have not even opened either shopping apps. Lol!


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