The One With The Scavenger Hunt

I still cannot believe today we celebrate the end of the school year! I remember all the confusion and frustrations from choosing the home school provider, to completing enrollment requirements, to waiting for the books, to beating (and asking for extension) the deadline for the portfolio, and of course, the seemingly endless supply of patience I needed all through out the year!

Sophia may have learned the difference between an adjective and an adverb, iba’t ibang uri ng pangungusap (different types of sentences), how to tell time and count money, the 4 kinds of weather, and being a good family member and a friend, but I have learned so much more.

Homeschooling has shown me a part of my daughter that I would not have seen otherwise. I have learned to be more attuned to my daughter’s thoughts and emotions. I just laughed when she has already taken 2 breaks before 10am, telling me she is tired after 10 min of studying then resting for 30 min, and repeat. Sometimes she would come to me and tell me, “Mommy, can we not have lessons today, I am not feeling like it.” To which I would say, “Sure, honey! We can study tomorrow.” On the one hand, I know sometimes I need to be more firm. But on the other hand, if she is not in a place where she is receptive to what I have to teach, then it is counterproductive, yes? To be fair, I sometimes say no also, and we do classes on some of the holidays and weekends.

Homeschooling has taught me that my daughter is her own little person. I have always encouraged her to think for herself and make decisions based on her own judgments. I have no degree on education or anything and I do not think I am good at it, but there are times when she would tell me she does not understand what I am saying then ask something that would steer the course of our learning a different way. I like how she is able to speak her mind and she pleasantly surprise me with a different perspective.

Homeschooling has shown me a part of myself that is capable of putting aside how miserable I feel just so I can spend time with my daughter teaching her the law of attraction and meditation, things I consider as important as (if not more than) learning how to weave and perform the tuk-tuk song. Oh, who am I kidding? I believe some practical skills are definitely more useful than theories out in the real world. For the last year has been the most difficult of my life, and it would certainly have helped a lot if I knew about mindfulness and gratitude back then. I figured it is never too early for a child to learn these things.

When she was in kindergarten, I have always told her she does not have to be the smartest in class and it is not important whether she finishes last during her exams. As long as she pass her classes. I am more concerned about her attitude towards learning. For if she is not having fun but rather feels forced (and pressured to do well, to boot!), I cannot imagine how the next 11 + 5 years would be like for her.

What have you learned from your child?

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She had so much fun!


  1. ultratane says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Great that you are learning alongside your daughter, whilst she is learning, and getting quality one on one time as well, what an added bonus!
    Keep up the great work you two.


    1. Thank you, Jay! 🙂


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