The One Where I Went To The (Wet) Market

I remember when I was younger and my mother would take me to the market and I hated it. Fortunately, she could take a hint! More like listened actually, because I sure complained a lot! From an early age, I showed great potential at doing household chores. NOT! And I grew up not liking it any more.

But I did become fond of markets, albeit a different kind. It was 2007 when I was introduced to the kind where I get to own a little bit of my favorite companies! It was exciting to see prices going up (and frustrating when they fall down). But I guess what I liked about it the most is the fact that I could make money out of it, both by investing personally (disclaimer: returns are not guaranteed), and helping other people by educating them to start and manage their own portfolios.

I fell in love with yet another kind of market back in 2015, which reminded me of one of my favorite childhood games, Monopoly! I recall the many times I even played alone when nobody felt like it (may sound crazy, but it was fun to negotiate with myself). Oh the cute little green houses which converts to a hotel! At one point in my early crazy and ambitious adult life, the thought of owning a little mini hotel entered my mind! What I liked about the real estate market the most is finding great deals, both for myself (because I did get to play Monopoly small time in real life) and my clients. I even jumped the Airbnb bandwagon, and I immensely enjoyed meeting lots of different people.

My friend told me that I should consider shopping in the wet market instead of supermarkets. If not for the pandemic, maybe I would think about it. But then again, if the situation becomes better and I could go back to earning as much as I did before, I would not bother. The small change I will save from going to the wet market is not worth my time and inconvenience. Instead I would concentrate more on the two markets that I have grown to love, the stock and real estate markets. Yes, I am stingy. But sometimes it is not the absolute savings I could get from an activity. There are many things to think about.

I know that for some women (and men) going to the market is fun. I suppose I would not mind going every now and then (like once a year), but I will need to get boots! After all, it is literally wet! Where do you shop?

#ToABetterSarah #ShowMeTheMoney #FromZeroToHero

Not my cup of pork stew (I meant, tea)

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