The One With The FRIENDS Lessons In Love

1. Chandler. Commitment is not such a scary thing, after all. From “it’s like all of a sudden we were this couple” (this after sharing chicken piccata and tomatoes with Janice) to he likes maintaining Monica. Could he BEEEE any more committed (and cuter)? Being in a loving and committed relationship could be the most wonderful thing that could happen to a person.

2. Joey. When you fall in love with a friend who is involved/was/may still have a future with another friend, you back off. And that it’s ok to be single (a lot better if you have a room in a friend’s garage where you can grow old). Oh hey! How you doin’?

3. Monica. You have to let go of someone if you don’t want the same things (after making peace with the age difference, but she wanted to have kids and Richard didn’t). It could work though, if two people love each other enough. Oh, and there is a reason why girls don’t propose!

4. Phoebe. Lobsters do mate for life, because FRIENDS really is just about Ross and Rachel’s 10 year love story. Pilot episode, Ross: I just want to be married again and in comes Rachel in a wet wedding gown (Chandler: and I just want a million dollars lol). Last episode Rachel: I got off the plane. I was also rooting for David, but he went away to Minsk and too late when he realized he still loves her, so better be sure before you break it up with someone.

5. Rachel. Love matters when you are getting married, like she told her father over the phone. And that love is more important than career. For the right person, nothing is more important than love.

6. Ross. There is always hope! 3 divorces and 2 children with different mothers later, he and Rachel live happily ever after (hopefully). I am only one engagement down, so I will be fine.

OMG how I missed FRIENDS! These lessons I can so relate to. What is your greatest takeaway in the greatest TV show ever?

#ToABetterSarah @WhatTheWorldNeedsNow #FromZeroToHero

What is life without love?

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