The One Where Sophia Finally Went Home

A year into the pandemic, I am actually relieved that Sophia got the chance to be away from me for a while. Before COVID-19, not a month passed without us spending time apart. The first was when she was a year old and I took my real estate licensure exam. I could not concentrate so I sent her home to my parents in Bicol.

When I was a child, we would usually visit Manila during summers. And I remember this one time my mother had to go home to the province for a couple of nights. I could not sleep and my cousins had to stay up with me until the wee hours of the morning until I was all cried out and fell asleep from exhaustion.

I was always home (or with my mother) except on short school camping activities. So when I went to college at age 17, I remember feeling incredibly homesick. It was so bad that 2 years later, I still cried when I left home after school holidays. On my junior year, a woman on the bus asked me what was wrong and I said I feel homesick. She said it is tough to be away for the first time. I did not correct her. Lol. I mean, I could pass for a high school student. Until now!

I suppose I am training my daughter to be more independent and to know how to survive when I am not around. There will always be times when I need to leave her for a while and I do not want to be always worried about how she is doing. I do not want her to be unhealthily (not sure if that is even a word) attached to me.

I need not have worried at all. Now she tells me she misses her cousins terribly, how staying with them made her feel like she have 4 siblings! To my brother’s family, thank you so much for looking after Sophia for a week! I know I told her to have fun, but she had too much! So that she did not come with us last Monday and asked to stay some more.

How do you foster independence in your child?

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She is now into anime!


  1. tet says:

    Attack on Titan is a great anime! Not sure if it’s for children because of the heavy storyline but she seems to enjoy her cousin’s company more. Remember to spend time with kids at this age because when they get old, they’ll be seeking that independence on their own. Kids at this age are always needing parent’s love, attention, and guidance. Enjoy these moments while she’s still a kid. Make memories.


    1. Oh her cousins watches Attack on Titan. Sophia told me the theme is violent and there are lots of suicide. I have spent most of my waking hours with her during this pandemic, Tere. Something positive about this seemingly never ending lockdown. I try hard to be a better person and a mother to her. Yes, someday she will be on her own. I just hope she is well equipped to take on what life decides to throw at her.


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