The One With The Fashion Show

We finally finished Sophia’s grades yesterday! I would celebrate big time! Except it was actually due last June 4. I asked for extension because my data connection in Bicol was so slow, Google drive would not even open, let alone upload videos and stuff!

One of the things I am not so crazy about my daughter’s homeschool is the fact that I have to come up with some of the seatworks and term projects. Sure there is Google and all that but it will be a lot easier if they just tell me what to do. I am not really very creative (hence the all whites theme of this blog), but this one, I gotta say (if I may) is a brilliant idea! It has been a long day of prodding and coaxing her to write instructions on how to make ice cream in Filipino. 10 steps and it took her over an hour! It was a fun time for both of us. NOT!

The last subject we have not done yet is Science. At first I asked her to write something about the weather and how it is making her feel and what kind of clothes are appropriate to wear etc. Half an hour later and she was just sitting there, staring at the blank paper with a bored and could not care less look on her face. I told her she better get a move on if she wants to meet her friends and play down at the amenities area.

This got her thinking a bit. Then that was when the brilliant idea of a fashion show entered my mind! It is unfortunate how I do not share her interest in make up, clothes, hairstyling etc. She must have gotten it from watching YouTube videos. Pre-Covid, I wore make up maybe 3-5 times a year, only really when necessary.

So anyway, as soon as I mentioned the idea of having a fashion show, she sprang from her chair, run to her closet (more like walk really, 5 steps, but you get the idea) and immediately began choosing clothes one would wear on a sunny and windy (we do not have anything for rainy and snowy so we skipped those) day. It was amazing how really doing something one likes makes all the difference. I imagine if I did not come up with that idea, we still would not be done till now.

I remember reading Rich Kid Smart Kid some 15 years ago. I did not have a child then, but somehow one important idea stuck with me. That kids learn in different ways. Some are more comfortable in the classroom, learning by reading. While others are more comfortable outside of the classroom, learning by doing.

I love reading and writing. Which is probably why I asked Sophia to write a paragraph about the weather etc yesterday. The problem was that it does not interest her at all. When I came up with the fashion show concept yesterday, I realized that in this crucial time of her scholastic development, I should be more attuned to her interests and natural abilities, instead of making my work as her homeschool teacher easier. From now on, I will try to make homeschool more fun for her. It is, after all, about her, and not me.

How does your child learn best?

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Somebody sure had fun! ❤


  1. Ceceil Gomez says:

    Same! Dress up and pictorials.
    If she needs to write a paragraph naman I ask her to draw what she’ll write first


    1. Oh great idea! Make her draw first what she needs to write. Thank you for the tip! 😊


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