The One With The Incessant Hammering

For over 2 weeks now, I have been suffering from a headache due to the constant noise from the unit above. I have been living in a condo for 16 years and this is the first time this happened. We stayed in Bicol for 3 months (original plan was only 2 weeks) and it is just my luck that SMDC seemed to have waited for us to return before they started the renovation upstairs.

I have got to know how much longer I have to put up with it. So Thursday last week, I asked the guard I saw on the hallway but he did not know, so I decided to investigate on my own. I went up and saw the work permit posted on the door. I was so happy to see that the end date stated there was till Friday. I was so glad it will end the next day. But just to be sure, I knocked on the door and I got bad news.

I was not being nosy at all, but I have got to see for myself. So I took a peek and was dismayed at what I saw. Still a long way to go, It will take maybe almost a month more. I think it was a repossessed property and the developer is doing it over for resale.

Today I had to call the security because the hammering started at 2pm, an hour before noisy works are allowed. Before the guard hang up, I heard him say, “Tower 3 U 38** at it again”. I think another resident complained already. It is 2:49PM, and I can still hear the hammering (after I called security), very frustrating.

I have nothing against the renovation, it is their right. What bothers me is the fact that there are 4 workers in the work permit, and when I asked the guy who was working there where the other 3 were, he said they were working on 4 different units. It would definitely be faster if at least 2 work on one unit, thereby disturbing less residents. It is as if they do not care at all!

Maybe I am part-German or something, but one of my pet peeves is inefficiency. I always have an opinion on how to do things faster, more efficient and generally just better. I will just take this as a patience test or something. Last Sunday, Sophia was thankful for the 2 day break from the noise.

What is your pet peeve and how do you deal with it?

#ToABetterSarah #FromZeroToHero


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