Would You Rather 2Br Or Studio + 1Br?

When I say I love my job, I mean it! Just off the top of my head, here are 10 reasons why I do:

  • Meet a lot of interesting people, before 10am I have already talked to at least 50 people, whether through text or Facebook or Instagram message and voice or video call. Though the thing I miss the most is face-to-face meetings.
  • Make friends, not all clients become friends, but those who do are pretty cool.
  • Travel, whether 200 meters from where I live or to another country!
  • Search for clients’ family home, I would like to think buying a home is one of the most important decisions we do at least once in our life.
  • Help clients look for investment real estate, I enjoy comparing different properties and cranking numbers and making suggestions and all!
  • Help clients rent out their properties. I love this as this means my clients are making their hard-earned money work for them.
  • Develop my social skills, this is a by-product of talking to different kinds of people from all walks of life, each with his or her own stories to tell!
  • Hone my marketing and selling skills, I like learning something new with every transaction I enter. Most of the times, after talking to a client, a better way of handling the situation would cross my mind.
  • Flexible time. Being a single mother, I value this very much because spending time with my daughter is important to me. And I would like to be present when she needs me.
  • Commissions! Self-explanatory. I got bills!

3 years ago, I went to Singapore to try my luck and market Data Land properties. I was so excited because that was the first time I ventured out! It was on that trip I met Raph, one of my nicest client turned friend. Since then we met maybe 4 more times, introduced me to a lot of people, invited me to sponsor a badminton event, referred friends, made a Father’s day cake for my ex last year and cooked lunch with his daughters. And he took me shopping for moisturizers at Inisfree!

I remember when we first met in a coffee house with 5 other guys. Since it was my first time, my boss tagged along. She helped me with the presentation and then when I called him a few days later, I was surprised he even picked up! So to make a long story short, he was very interested and was wondering whether to get a 2br or 2 studio units. I will not bore you with the details (send me a message if you want to know more), but my most winning arguments then was the 2 studios were both non-vatable, and there is an option of combining the adjacent units.

Today, Tita Edith (Raph’s aunt) and I accepted the units on his behalf. Raph is glad he invested in properties instead of luxury goods (hey, did you get the expensive bike you mentioned you wanted all those years ago?). I am glad I am instrumental in helping him channel his hard-earned money into assets instead of liabilities. Our next step is finding tenants. Please send me a message if you know someone.

  • Sarah: no regrets?
  • Raph: Not 100% no regrets. Why? Because of the pandemic. So many could have beens. But at the end of the day, property investing is a stable investment. So all good!
  • S: may I know what are your could have beens?
  • R: Being cash-rich during pandemic is ideal. Everything is uncertain. But during these times, you just have to make-do of the situation, pull some plugs here and there and survive.
  • S: oh wow! (It is so cool how I learn a lot from my clients)

Thank you so much for the trust and friendship! It has been such a pleasure being your broker. And to Eugene, who introduced us, I truly appreciate you!

Like Raph said, “Would you rather spend money on property or luxury goods?”

#ToABetterSarah #MyRealtorSarah #ShowMeTheMoney #FromZeroToHero

Message me for more information.

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