10 Doctor’s Tips To Women

I came across an interesting Facebook post, and I am reposting here:

1. You should NOT finish all housework in one day. Those who have done it are stressed and some are already buried.

I am so lucky I do not have this problem. I do not even finish one, let alone all.

2. Take time to rest, it’s not a sin to sit, put your legs on the table and eat something you like.

Yep, lately that is what I am mostly up to. Sue me! Kidding aside, I miss feeling tired and great at having accomplished things!

3. SLEEP if necessary for headache to disappear. Those who refuse to take vacation leave, take time off or break time, if not, their families will miss them because they have prematurely gone on the journey without return.

My sleep pattern is not stable. Sometimes I sleep for over 9 hours, others only 5, but average is 7, so I guess still good. I take sleep seriously, I included it in my monthly goals.

4. STOP taking sedatives to sleep, you’re destroying your brain and organs. Sometime you’ll start forgetting things. Relax your brain, worry less, go for a walk, laugh, smile more, everything will happen eventually.

I tried taking melatonin last year, but only when the break up was too raw I had trouble sleeping for more than 2 hours.

5. Meditate. Have a quiet time and relax. Breathe fresh air. Breathe out all negativities.

I have been trying to meditate for a while now, maybe even almost a year. To be honest, I cannot see the effects yet, or maybe they are just not that measurable or something. I believe it helps though, so I still do it daily.

6. Stay in front of your mirror, smile for yourself. That turns on a positive aura around you, so you can shine with your own light.

I tried this before, then took it to the next level by doing morning affirmations with my darling daughter.

7. GO buy you a snack or something to drink. Just do something for yourself, even if your partner doesn’t do it for you… do it yourself, so you can download things in your head.

Unfortunately I do not have a partner right now, so no one to go do stuff for me. I splurged lately with a new iPad pro, and it made me feel a little bit better. I suppose the headache will come once the credit card statements start piling up.

8. GET the appliances needed to ease your job and avoid stress as it is women’s largest silent killer.

Like I said in #1, I do not do any house chores at all. I am fortunate I have someone to help (ok, do) me with them.

9. Ask help when you don’t feel good, do something about it, go to health center, hospital or call some nearby doctor. Don’t self medicate.

If there is one constant thing I am thankful for these days, it is that I am healthy, my family is well.

10. CONTROL YOUR PRESSURE AND SUGAR LEVEL OCCASIONALLY, whether you’re sick or not. Doing this has saved a lot of women in the past. Trust this good advice I give you and give yourself the value you deserve, love and care, you are a great woman and don’t forget you are Beautiful Instrument for Creation.

I do not have a problem with my blood pressure and sugar level. I have been especially wary of sweets as both my parents are diabetic.

Looking at the list, it is not even a fancy medical advise, like maybe count your calorie intake or something. It could have been written by someone who is not in the health care industry. I suppose it just makes the list more professional and authoritative. Moreover, this is applicable to men as much as women.

I do not think it takes 4 years of pre-med, 4 years of medical school and residency etc, for someone to be able to come up with the list, it simply makes sense. But are we practicing them? The pandemic has made self love or self care or whatever we may want to call it, even more imperative.

I just got off the phone with a loved one, and she told me she is so frustratingly and helplessly bored. To which I can only respond with, I am sorry, there is nothing I can do, I am, too. I am not sure if it made her feel any better, or maybe even more despondent, but in the situation we find ourselves in, what can we do except accept our present? Our present circumstances, our present challenges, our present pain, our present everyday lives. Hey, maybe I have not been wasting my time (and energy) trying to calm my mind and be more mindful.

I have a long way ahead of me. To harness the power of my mind, to appreciate the small things, to be present in the moment, to understand that life happens for me, among other things. I suppose what is keeping me sane these days (aside from the fact that I have a 7 year old who is counting on me) is the knowledge that yes, I am bored and things are certainly not going my way (yah think eh?!) and sometimes it does feel like I am taking a step forward and two back, but as long as I am fighting still, there is hope.

There are days when I feel like just throwing in the towel, not bother with anything, because what’s the use anyway right? But just for today, I will get up, take a shower, and face the day courageously and hopefully with a little bit of grace.

Which of these 10 do you need to work on?

#ToABetterSarah #FindingSarah



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