Isn’t Our Channel Entertaining?

In the spirit of making homeschool fun for Sophia (and Christmas), we are launching our YouTube channel today. She actually has one from over two years ago, but she was not able to maintain it. I thought I would create a new one and link to this blog. For as long as I can remember, my daughter has been fascinated with make ups and hairstyles and clothes, etc. I thought I was doing pretty well by allowing her only two hours of iPad (we’re not big on TV) on weekends before the pandemic, but apparently YouTube’s influence only needed that much time to make quite an impression with a child.

Unfortunately for Sophia, her mother could not care less about these things. When she expressed interest in filming her homeschooling journey, my first reaction was like, oh no! I would have to put on lipstick, at least. Turned out, I need not have worried, I do not even own a tube! I do not want to put on make up every day for this. The one time I tried, I was literally cried at the end while I was trying to scrub my face clean.

I still tried to be supportive and get onboard. After all, I bought a vlogger set and I was really planning to try my hand at this. I ordered a whiteboard wall sticker but the problem was that it was too far from the camera for the words to be read clearly. I am so glad I do not need to put on make up anymore, I will not appear on the video at all, just my voice! We are using the iPad instead.

I had my hesitations before, but seeing how excited it gets my daughter, the extra time is worth it. When people asked me two years ago if I have time to homeschool Sophia, I told them that if I cannot spare two to three hours a day for her education, I must not be managing my time well, or I must not be doing a good job as a parent. Homeschooling was really part of my plan as the future wife of a regional managing director, who spends 3 weeks a month away from home, so my daughter and I can go with him if the circumstances allow. My engagement is a thing of the past now, but I hope my dream of traveling with Sophia is not. It will be so much fun if we talk about the different habitats of animals (our Science lesson for tomorrow, watch out for the video) from anywhere but our tiny apartment.

Overall, I am beginning to think this YouTube channel is a very good idea! Last school year, “I realized that in this crucial time of her scholastic development, I should be more attuned to her interests and natural abilities, instead of making my work as her homeschool teacher easier. From now on, I will try to make homeschool more fun for her. It is, after all, about her, and not me.”

Sophia will remember her lessons better because she is having fun with school! I will just think of the added time spent for filming as time spent in advance for reviews. Instead of going over her lessons together again before the exams, she can just watch our videos. And she can edit her videos and photos and put them together in iMovie!

So here goes, hope you guys like it. Please do not forget to like and subscribe!

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