Isn’t Our Nightsky Romoontic?

I am not a nature enthusiast or something. I think I can count using my fingers and toes how many times I have really taken time to admire the moon (or other wonders, for that matter). Majority of these was some 15 years ago when me and my brother would take a night dip in the pool after work. I don’t know how to swim properly but I do enjoy floating on my back. To get my mind off my fear of the water, I would sing Kirsten Dunst’s Dream Of Me. Better, less complicated times!

Another memorable time when I did look at the moon was back when I was seeing someone who was based in Bern. I had a long day, and before heading home, I laid down on one of the pool lounge chairs, closed my eyes and when I opened them again, there it was. I sent a screenshot of the magnificent full moon.

  • S: hey look at this, isn’t it pretty?
  • P: what are you trying to show me honey, that it’s dark?
  • S: no silly, it’s the moon. Isn’t it romantic?
  • P: oh, sorry I did not notice. It is, and you are romantic
  • S: you mean romoontic? Lol

I suppose I’m not the only one not crazy about nature or something. When I looked at the sky then and saw the moon, all I could think about was the 10.5k km between us. It was comforting to know that this distance is nothing compared to the vast universe that we inhabit. And given that the facts we know about our solar system are true, I may see it 6-7 hours ahead, but we are looking at the exact same charming moon.

47 months later, nothing much has changed, except the realization that we as humans are relatively powerless, compared to the unknown forces and natural (and unnatural) laws of nature. For with the 10.5k km between us, all he needed to do was board a plane to Manila to see me. Now, it is upsetting to think that it has been a year and a half and I could not travel a mere 2.4k km to (well… now) return a ring.

This is in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt – purple moon.

Sarah, do not forget to appreciate the small things. Have you taken the time to look at the moon lately? Drop a photo in the comment and tell me where you took it from.

An excerpt from the song:

So let the moon

Shine softly on the boy I long to see

And maybe when he dreams

He’ll dream of me

Kirsten Dunst – Dream Of Me

#ToABetterSarah #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow


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