Isn’t Shopping Stressful?

I went to Mandaue foam to buy furniture for a property I need to rent out. It was supposed to be exciting because it is for work. I mean, shopping in general is stressful for me. Unless I make money out of it. Oh well… I suppose it was not so bad until I was told that the bed I wanted (cheapest wooden queen-sized) is not very sturdy, a customer returned it after a week. The salesperson (kudos for being honest even if it meant I did not buy, or maybe he was pushing for a more expensive one, in which case, bravo! But I do not think he was being sly) mentioned his previous customer was on the big side a bit (and the chances of getting a tenant with the same build is not that high), but it still makes sense for me to buy for the long term. It is challenging to balance stinginess and practicality sometimes. Most of the times, really.

My day still ended on a good note because I went to s&r after to buy groceries. I messaged some friends if they need something. It really gets me high to take advantage of sales and everything. I almost exclusively go there to hunt for those buy 1 take 1 deals (and I am very careful to distinguish between those stuff that are priced twice the original then put on sale! It really pisses me off. And do not get me started on those buy 1 for 20 and buy 2 for 40. I mean, do people really fall for that? Every time I see a sign like that, it is all I could do not to demand to speak to the manager or something) and the 70% off for stuff that are expiring soon!

Sharing with you some great bargains I found. Well, not really the pringles. But did you see the 150 almond flour (expiring in a week, but if my friend plans to bake today, too, then still worth it eh?) and 100 peanut butter (expiring in a month, but I hope it works with caldereta)?

Do you have any more tips for me?

#ToABetterSarah #ShowMeTheMoney

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