Isn’t My Brother Cool?

I used to wish I have at least one sister, for no matter how close I am with my three brothers, there are just some things that I can share and do with a sister, but not a brother. However, I have long-accepted the fact that I am the youngest and only girl in our family, and growing up with my older brothers is quite an experience.

In a time when all I could do is take each day as it comes, on this particular one, I will reminisce about the good old days with one of my 3 favorite brothers.

1. When we were kids, you used to bully me a lot, like maybe every single day. And you would not stop until I cry, sometimes not even then. You guys would not let me play with you, especially with your remote-controlled toy cars and boats, which I found fascinating, too! You guys would gang up and beat me at card games until I ran out of money so you can “play for real”! You guys would hog the family computer and make me play only when an adult told you to!

2. There was this one time when I was in grade school and a boy put his arm around me, and you and Kuya Weng told the boy off. I suppose I did not like him so that was cool, otherwise would have been embarrassing. I guess it is the classic I-am-allowed-to-bully-my-sister-but-someone-else-would-have-to-go-through-me or something.

3. We grew up in a small town, and almost all our friends know about our relationship. During the school breaks when I was in college, particularly in between semesters, during the Halloween party in Casa Eugenia, my friends would often say things like, “Sarah, there’s your brother”. I did not tell you this before but I was so proud that my brother is so cool you would send drinks over to my table. And then when I get drunk, you would laugh at me and tell me I could do better.

4. I am so grateful for your graduation gift. You paid for my braces, and now I do not look like Bugs Bunny anymore.

5. Who needs a sister when I have a brother I had my hair and nails done with? I remember that afternoon we spent like 5 hours in the salon to have our hair rebonded! And we used to get massages, too! I have always admired your sense of style, which I do not have much talent in. I imagine if you had been a girl, I would pester you a lot to help me with clothes and make up and shoes etc. We used to go shopping together, and I relied on your judgement when it comes to what suits me.

6. There was a period in my old job when I did not have to stay in the office for at least 12 hours. And during this time, we would hang out in the pool at night before dinner. Those dips made my days back then!

7. When I was already working and you were staying with me, at around five in the afternoon, you would ask me what I want for dinner. You are by far superior when it comes to the kitchen (and laundry and cleaning etc really) and I will never forget how you cooked for me back then.

8. You would clean the apartment, do the laundry, and complain that I do not help much (if at all) and still do them anyway! Do you remember that one time I did the laundry and accidentally loaded a red sock in with our whites? After that, you forbid me to touch the dirty clothes! Sorry, but worked for me!

9. It all started when the convenience store near my office closed and I complained about getting hungry especially when I had to do overtime work (our lunch break, which is strictly followed with bells and everything, was from 11:30-12:30). So you made me sandwiches (with the apples!) to bring to work. Of course, your sister is very entrepreneurial (in fact, my goal back then was not to touch my salary) and decided to sell sandwiches. You woke up early in the morning to make them, you bought groceries the day before (and paid for them) and all I had to do was bring them to the office. Seriously, it would have been easier for both of us if you had just given me money eh?

10. I will never forget how chill you were when you found out I was pregnant.

No matter how rare we talk nowadays, and even less often we see each other, you will always be my big brother whom I adore so much. It sure would be nice if Sophia has a cool older brother like you, too. She is lucky to have such a cool uncle for sure!

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

This photo aptly describes our relationship.

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