Isn’t The Silver Lining Playbook Crazy?

Mental health, specifically bipolar disorder, did not really bother me much pre pandemic, it only occasionally came up every time a friend talked about his young son diagnosed with it.

I remember one particular afternoon he told me about how his son was uncharacteristically chatty. We were in a cab in Kuala Lumpur and he said he has not seen him grin that much. The father’s hypothesis was that his son must be in love.

I am sure the movie does not give the disease justice. Or maybe it intentionally did not paint Pat in an unbecoming fashion. There were no manic and depressive scenes.

What is inspiring (the silver lining, if you must) about the story, is how Pat finds love in the end. With a woman who was also suffering with depression.

People say love is crazy. I say love makes people do insane things!

#ToABetterSarah #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow


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