Isn’t It Harder These Days?

In a time when days are becoming indistinguishable from the one before them, it is a bit comforting to know that it is actually normal. What I love most about what I do is how flexible my schedule is. Pre pandemic, every day is quite different (and sometimes unpredictable) from each other.

My personality makes it more difficult for me to deal with the world’s longest lockdown ever. I get bored easily and I am impatient. The monotony is killing me. And for some reason, it has been a bit harder lately. The afternoons are the worst.

What Macy and Golder found, and published in the eminent journal Science, was a remarkably consistent pattern across people’s waking hours. Positive affect – language revealing that tweeters felt active, engaged, and hopeful – generally rose in the morning, plummeted in the afternoon, and climbed back up again in the early evening. Whether a tweeter was North American or Asian, Muslim or atheist, black or white or brown, didn’t matter. “The temporal affective pattern is similarly shaped across disparate cultures and geographic locations,” they write. Nor did it matter whether people were tweeting on a Monday or a Thursday. Each weekday was basically the same. Weekend results differed slightly. Positive affect was generally a bit higher on Saturdays and Sundays – and the morning peak began about two hours later than on weekdays – but the overall shape stayed the same. Whether measured in a large, diverse country like the United States or a smaller, more homogeneous country like the United Arab Emirates, the daily pattern remained weirdly similar.

Across continents and time zones, as predictable as the ocean tides, was the same daily oscillation – a peak, a trough, and a rebound. Beneath the surface of our everyday life is a hidden pattern: crucial, unexpected, and revealing.

Daniel H. Pink – When

What do I do with this knowledge? How do I make my afternoons a little bit more exciting? Got any ideas? Because I’m out.

#ToABetterSarah #FindingSarah


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