How Do You Motivate Yourself?

I think doing the checklist will help us lead healthier, happier and better-rounded lives. And that should be all the inspiration we need.

Today Sophia Swims

I was having an off-day again (for a couple of weeks now). And as I watch Sophia having a good time at the pool, it made me feel a lot better.

Today I Slept

I could not sleep until almost 4am (after having chicken, cereals and cake while watching Seinfeld) last night and only managed to get 4 hours. When I reluctantly opened my eyes, my head felt like it has turned to lead. And just my luck, when I checked my phone, I got notified that a certainContinue reading “Today I Slept”

Today I Do Not Judge

This will definitely take time, but I will work on it. Whenever something happens, I will pause for a minute, not resist (“is that so?”) and not judge (“maybe”). Would you like to try with me?

Today I Teach Sophia Acceptance

I just got an email from Google maps regarding my September update. the highlights of the month was visiting Makati and Pasay. Does it get better than this?

Today I Learn That Love Sells

I hope this month it will be different. Hopefully because I hope I will not be writing much about the love of my life that could have been.