Today I Celebrate My Brother’s Life

It is probably because our age gap is the biggest (eight years), but among my three older brothers, it is the eldest I am most mindful of my words and actions. Not that I am rude to the other two or anything, but I could always say and do what I want in front of them. Aside from the age gap (I used to consider it huge! That is, until I dated men whose age difference from mine is twice as big), he went off to college when I was in grade 3 so we only lived in the same house the first eight years of my life, as opposed to the other two (who are four and five years my senior).

Lately, I am very grateful for him for being so thoughtful. Reminds me of the many good memories I have with him.

1. When he was at home on school breaks, he used to ask me to pluck white hairs from his head. Now, I do not remember if he paid me for them, but what I cherish more is how he played the guitar and sing while his head was on my lap. He is musically talented and used to make fun of my voice (used to, not anymore, because I do not sing when he is around, if at all).

2. When I was spending summer vacations with our relatives and he visits during the weekends, he would take me out to dinners and watch movies.

3. When I was in high school, my teachers used to tell me how brilliant he is. It took me a long time to rewrite that sentence from “my teachers used to compare us”. I mean, I am smart (not to mention charming) in my own way, but he is definitely smarter (again, not to compare, just stating facts). I recall being so proud when I qualified to the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (or whatsitcalled) but so disappointed when I did not reach National level (which my brother of course, did). To be honest, when people from our high school, associate me with him, I felt more proud than jealous (or not at all as I was not really very particular when it comes to academics).

4. My brother helped me through college. I am not sure why but there was this one time that stuck in my head. I was in my last year and he came to visit and took me to Yellow Cab and gave me my allowance. I do not even remember what we talked about, but I just get this warm feeling when I think about it.

5. This was some time during my university days (probably last couple of years of the five) when we went to Manila together. He was so annoyed with me when he found out the night before we had to leave that I have not packed yet (I think he was ready a week before). I had like a full 20 hours at least to get to it! Or ask someone to do it for me. My brother is a boy scout and I, well… I am the typical do-not-do-something-until-the-very-last-minute-I-totally-had-to.

6. When I was already working and he stays with me when he had trainings and all, like my other brothers really, he takes care of almost everything. Sorry, but I am not really much (much? more like useless) help when it comes to house chores.

7. He introduced me to Jumong and we watched Queen Seon Deok together. We appreciate the politics and the mind games and we are blown by the fact that not much has changed since South Korea was called Silla or Goryeo etc.

8. Whenever there were storms and all, he was always with me. And of course, I am much less afraid because my big brother is very dependable. I remember during Ondoy and the morning before the water rose, he bought groceries. Of course, if I were alone, maybe I would not have bothered, because why? The supermarket is 300 meters away!

9. When he used to leave for work, I would cry my eyes out. My nieces even made up a song about it. Something about “iiyak na yan…” (she is going to cry).

10. I get his humor! In fact, I can beat him to his own punchlines. I know it could be annoying, but that is what little sisters are for right?

I appreciate you, Kuya. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

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