Today I Dreamt About Him

My resolve to write less about him is very short-lived. Three years ago today, we met for the second time and I had the best 16 days of my life. We have been talking a lot but still it is a bit different to be with someone who makes your heart skip a beat in person. This time it was him who was waiting for me at the airport. To be honest, I was a bit scared that what we had was just a magical weekend two weeks prior and it was nothing more than infatuation.

It turned out I was worried for nothing. Surprisingly (in a very nice way) we found out how much more we had in common. We had very different backgrounds and had no mutual friends (yep, not even in Facebook) but somehow we got each other. We make each other laugh and we share quite similar values. We both are stingy and was very much content buying sushi from the convenience store and having a picnic near the lake at Clarke Quay. He could not have impressed me more if he took me to the Marina Bay Sands’ restaurant.

The walks to and from the hotel (both to save bus fare and exercise), the countless parathas (mostly just coffee for him) in the morning (and sometimes at night, too), the practical dinners, the easy weekends, these are the things that I cherish. Oh, it was on this trip that I got traumatized by Takashimaya store.

It was technically a business trip for me, I was representing a real estate company and sponsoring a badminton tournament. I appreciated how he is the boss of the entire Asia and Oceania of his company, but he was willing to help me put up banners for the event, distribute flyers, meet with the organizers and carry heavy boxes and stuff for me. He was always supportive of my career, and he did make me want to excel a little bit more. After all, he may have taken the employment path (unlike me, the little daredevil) but he is very successful in it (and was once in sales and headed the global sales force of his company).

Last night, I dreamt of him. It felt so real that when I opened my eyes, I willed myself to sleep again to be with him again (and I did). I have yet to understand what dreams mean, but with this one it is safe to say that my subconscious (or very much conscious) self is still very much enamored with that handsome older gentleman. When I checked my farm on Sophia’s ipad, I saw him online. Which was weird because they are not even friends in Facebook. Until now, I have no idea how that happened.

Oh, and today I watched the pilot episode of Seinfeld, which, if I remember correctly, he thinks is funnier than FRIENDS. I should have taken that as a red flag then.

What do dreams mean to you?

#ToABetterSarah #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow

I loved being silly with him

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