Today Three Years Ago We Took A Road Trip

I distinctly remember how I felt when I could not find him where we were supposed to meet to go to the car rental place together. I have no sense of direction, and with Google maps, and location sharing (he initiated it), I still could not find him! I even tried to check all the floors of the mall where the tiny dot on the map indicated he was at.

I felt seriously scared that just like others before him, he suddenly disappeared. I was contemplating what friend I will harrass and spend a few days with when he finally called after his meeting was finished. I felt tremendous relief, I almost cried! He was real! He did not just evaporate in thin air (at least not that time).

I was pretty impressed how he rented a simple sedan (a corolla if I recall correctly) instead of a Camry or something fancier. He could have pulled it off, but strangely, I liked him more for it. I was walking behind him on the way to the car, and as I took a video, I thought he looked so sexy in jeans!

I am not sure what it is with road trips that fascinates me. Probably the fact that I do not drive is enough reason. It felt so comfortable with him, did not matter whether we were talking about the weather and work, or we were quiet. It is a shame he was not familiar with Stephen Speaks’ Passenger Seat song, but I made him play it. I told him it was my dream to have someone sing it to me, or more importantly mean it. He played the song and we held hands and watched the lush greens around us, at one point saw a monkey (?) cross the street.

It is on this trip we discovered senseless marketing campaign annoy us. Like who the hell falls for buy 1 for 10 and buy 2 for 20? It was all we could do not to talk to the manager. I remember it was a reputable clothing store where we got Sophia’s ballet dress. We both hate shopping, so I appreciate your patience when I dragged you to the outlet stores to check out sunglasses.

On our first night, we walked to dinner and you lectured (I mean this in a nice way) me on the history of Malaysia and the British etc. We also tackled religion, which is one of the things that I like about you, we are both atheist. Then on the way back, we had the road to ourselves so we took a photo in the middle of it. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

What do you like best about road trips?

#ToABetterSarah #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow

Malaysia road trip

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