Today I Notice Sophia’s Clothes Are A Little Shorter

If general health and physical attractiveness are not enough motivations for me to become fitter, seeing my daughter’s need for a new wardrobe certainly is.

Even before the pandemic, I am not fond of buying Sophia much (or more appropriately, enough) clothes. My closet itself can fit into 2 medium-sized luggages, including foot wear, which includes an all-around (goes with shorts, pants, skirts, dresses) black sneakers that needs replacement (some half year ago) and an all-around (refer above) pair of slippers, too. If I can have my way, I want her to have this kind of minimalist (more like stingy, really) attitude.

I keep telling her having more than what she needs is a waste. Mommy has got so many bills to pay, and what little extra I got, I preferred to invest on experiences (and properties). Some of her clothes may be hand me downs (which is a feat in itself considering she’s an only child eh?) and a little bit shorter (like below knees-length pajamas) but she has been to Universal Studios Singapore, Legoland Malaysia, Dream World and Kidzania Bangkok, Taipei 101 and the white beaches of Bali.

Sometimes when I see other better dressed kids, I kind of feel bad for my daughter, too. But if we keep keeping up with the Joneses (which we certainly cannot afford anyway), there will always be other people with more clothes, more shoes, more toys. And she will outgrow and get tired of them someday. The way she screamed in the Transformers 3D ride in USS, the lego shaped food, the chicken room in Bangkok and the coin from Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall are happy memories that belongs to her.

Those are the kind of things I hope my daughter collects!

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

Dress and footwear are both gifts.

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