Today I Teach Sophia Not To Get Too Attached To People

As we were preparing for bed, Sophia blurted out that she will miss her friends, then started crying. I did not know what brought it on then it turned out she was referring to her classmates on the online lessons she had for over a week.

She knew from the beginning that those were free trial classes and that I was not really planning to enroll her, I just thought that maybe she would enjoy meeting other kids and all. Boy, do I know my daughter well!

Not surprisingly, she had so much fun. I would be hurt and insulted to think that she do not laugh like that when we do homeschool, but I gotta admit I am not a really fun teacher. On the contrary, I am impatient (generally, not just specific to homeschooling) and I do expect my daughter to understand her lessons fast.

So anyway, while she was sobbing on the bed, she apologized for making me feel bad and she told me that she understand, but would like to cry and let out her emotions (something I taught her before). I took advantage of the situation and thought hey maybe this is a great learning (one of those life skills she could use as an adult) opportunity.

I wondered how to tackle the issue at hand. Then I was inspired to break a hard, ugly truth to her. I told her that in life, people come and go. I then sited as an example how she spent 10 months with her friends from kindergarten and now she does not see them anymore, not even online (except for Yssa, who she plays with virtually occasionally).

I also reminded her how Tita Rowena and I were inseparable in grade school, but when we had different classes in high school, we kind of drifted apart then eventually lost touch. Maybe if not for Facebook, we would not be aware of what’s up with each other. I am glad that she is one of those genuine friends whom I can count on. We do not see each other often (at some point not even talked for years) but it is nice to know that I have a friend like that.

Now I feel like a hypocrite, teaching my daughter not to get too attached to her friends and how people come and go and that is just part of life, but here I am pining away for a person who has left. I would like to reason out that it is different, but if I would be honest with myself, following the logic I laid out to my daughter, I should be over him already.

My birthday is fast approaching, and all I could think about was my 34th and 35th, which he made so special (one of the many things I wish he did not do).

Maybe one day Sophia will teach me this lesson and I sincerely hope it is about another person.

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow


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