Today I Fervently Make A Wish

This song (The Gift) about sums it up.

The last leg of our second meeting was the trip to Bali, the first time we flew together (found out we both like 2049 and got really competitive at it), the first of the two times I was with him when he moved in to a new place, my first time in Indonesia and the first time I felt so much love. The whole experience was surreal.

I explicitly told him not to get me any presents. He big fat gave me a kindle anyway, which he placed under my pillow like I was an 8 eight year old! Of course I was pleasantly surprised and grateful for the very thoughtful gesture. It is just that I am not big on material things (well, not to say I will not accept a property or something) but I would rather someone spend time with me. He took the day off (the 2 hours of emails and stuff was no biggie lol) and being a workaholic, that meant a lot to me already.

We had breakfast in a nice, cozy eatery by the road on our way to Tegallalang Rice Terraces (I wish I tried out the swings). Then we had ice cream after because it was a very hot and humid day, we were sweating from all the walking!

I do not remember what we had for lunch. But I do recall we had a quiet afternoon, a quick dip in the pool, shower and nap. Maybe it was also the day he took me to Echo Beach to watch the sunset. Or maybe not since we had Italian (my favorite cuisine) for dinner and you made the restaurant crew sing Happy Birthday to me.

The best part about this trip is I was completely myself, and he has accepted me, flaws and all. And I have never felt more loved. It was so easy to be with him. It probably helped that I am very low maintenance, but there was just this ease and connection between us that I have never had with anyone else.

I do hope to have many more birthdays to come, but my 34th (and spoiler alert, my 35th, too) is definitely one of the best. I do not get old, only better!

Today, my wish is to have the gift of love again. And hopefully, the next one lasts.

#ToABetterSarah #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow

I wish we had taken more photos, but I am glad we have several great ones.


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