Today I Slept

I could not sleep until almost 4am (after having chicken, cereals and cake while watching Seinfeld) last night and only managed to get 4 hours. When I reluctantly opened my eyes, my head felt like it has turned to lead. And just my luck, when I checked my phone, I got notified that a certain someone has just joined telegram. Boy, it was not a very good start, not for the day, week, or anything!

I spent the day just cruising, hoping it eventually ends, so tomorrow I can have more or less of the same. Isn’t it exciting!? It has been over 19 months now and it does not get old! I am so looking forward to at least another year more. Sigh…

While Sophia played Monopoly alone (I am not worried, I did this too when I was her age, and I turned out fine, right? Maybe not great, but ok) I thankfully fell asleep. I sure hope it does not turn into a vicious ugly cycle of very late nights, very little sleep, not refreshing naps at all and a not so pleasant mood all throughout the quite long and uneventful day.

I do not really like whining, but can I just, for today?

#ToABetterSarah #FindingSarah

I’m so sleepy

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