Today I Am Lost

I went out to have a contract notarized and since the usual notary public I go to in Ortigas moved somewhere further, I went to Makati instead. The train station is connected to the mall down the building where I live. Then I enjoy the 5km walk from Ayala MRT station to Makati post office.

I have always known I have no sense of direction (one of the two main reasons I do not drive aside from being blind, ok make that one of the three, third is I rather sit down and relax than drive). This is not the first time I got lost in a place I have been to hundreds of times! But lately I have been irritable and it takes very little to tick me off. I need to work on this as poor Sophia usually takes the brunt.

It was on my way to Glorieta from SM Makati that I could not find the bridgeway. And all because I went to the supermarket at the basement to check if they have baguettes down there (none!). I felt so incredibly stupid and (again typical of me) so I asked a security guard for directions. If I was not in a bad mood, I would have laughed because I just came from where the damned walkway was!

What sort of calmed me down (which is annoying in itself) was the thought that finding my way in a mall is nothing compared to the very uncertain future I need to sort out sooner than later. Or maybe it is more appropriate to say my bigger problem put the whole incident into perspective.

What do you do when you are lost?

#ToABetterSarah #FindingSarah

Hey, I walked 400M more than I was in the train!

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