Today I Burn Popcorn

Unbelievable! You would think I’m getting better, but now this! I can no longer claim microwavable popcorn as one of my specialties, along with hard-boiled eggs and toast (nothing fancy, just plain). Sophia won’t touch it and three hours after she’s still complaining about the smell. How the hell did I miss that!?

I followed the instructions! I blame the popcorn company for not indicating the temperature. And the microwave company for not knowing any better! Hahaha.

Any hotter chef out there?


Burnt popcorn, anyone?


  1. Hey Sarah! I’ve burnt popcorn in the past lol and I’m talking about microwave popcorn. One thing though is that you learn more about different packets and the microwave power you use. A little bit of everything in life, nothing is perfect and but it’s all about the process and the journey. To grow a bit more each day… to learn a bit more each day. 🙂
    Speaking of popcorn, I cooked one tonight using a new microwave, followed directions for this microwave power but I almost burnt it 5 secs before the finish time. Lesson learnt, I will cook it 5 secs less next time 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!!


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