How Do You Motivate Yourself?

Sophia and I have been consistent at maintaining our checklists since June, then September 21st happened (yep, I had to take a look at my blog to find out why I was not able to keep the list up after the 23rd), and bam! Apparently, seventeen weeks are not enough to develop a habit. I had to Google how long it takes, and the number 66 seems pretty popular. At 115 days, you would think the list comes naturally for us already.

I take the responsibility. Sophia has nothing to do with it. How can she be expected to keep at it when her mother stopped? A classic case of you-do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do not working. I have tried a couple of times to revive this healthy routine (first of October, my birthday) but in vain.

Sophia and I will try again this November. I am thinking of a way to make this more fun. Maybe a rewards system? But I want the habit to develop without expecting anything in return for doing it. Except maybe to get to know ourselves, cultivate our strengths, work on our weaknesses, see the glass half full instead of empty, and just plain be finer human beings.

I think doing the checklist will help us lead healthier, happier and better-rounded lives. And that should be all the inspiration we need.

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia


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