How Do You Deal With Stress?

I have read a lot about stress eating before, and I have always thought I do not have that. In fact on the contrary, I believe that I do not have appetite when I am under a lot of pressure. Lately I have noticed however, that I have developed quite an enthusiasm for food. People who know me well would be surprised. For as long as I can remember, I have always not cared for it. You know, like when in a group or a date and asked what I prefer, I do mean it when I say whatever is fine. I am honestly not very particular, and not that choosy (I believe I do not have the right to criticize other people’s creations when I burn popcorn) as long as I get meat (with minimal veggies).

I suppose I do not have a problem with weight, I am not watching my diet at all (just that I am concerned about having the need to buy clothes). Maybe I should start with skipping dessert. Again, I did not care for that before, but lately there is always something sweet in the fridge.

It is certainly not the first time I have been anxious (maybe not even the worst), but somehow it turned out this way. This is new to me so I am not sure how to go about this. If only I can find a way to channel my minor (still a very long way from binge eating) gluttony to dancing, or running maybe. Nah, that is too much work.

(Lately) I chew.



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