How Do You Find A Way?

I am starting to think using biometrics is not the most efficient way to go. If I get into an accident or something, anyone could unlock my phone using my finger print. Then some of the apps can be opened using the same method. My emails are even more easily accessible, it’s right there, no need for anything!

The reason I utilize this advanced feature is mainly for convenience. I am impatient by nature, and I just know I would get so confused (and frustrated) with all the usernames and passwords (I was told it is better to mix them up) I need to memorize! I have lost count of how many times I needed to click forgot password (and yes, sometimes even username). Which brings me to this day’s incident.

I went to Globe to have my old sim changed. I need to resuscitate my mobile number from when I was in college to get an OTP for my online banking (I got locked out, will write in a separate blog).

After walking for 30 minutes, imagine my disappointment when I was asked if I have an (dis)appointment! Of course I do not, I had no idea I needed one. Upon hearing that there are no available slots for today, I just knew I had to find a way. To humor the customer service representative (who is very helpful, save for the fake news that today’s slots was filled) I had him check the next available one and it turned out 1pm. I could have settled for that, but I needed to try and avoid waiting for 3 hours!

Now I could be persistent, and I am very persuasive (I’m in sales after all). I took a peek inside the store and saw there was only one other customer there. To cut a long story short, my charm got very handy. I still waited for over an hour but I was more than happy to do it. Of course those with appointments, even if they came in after I did, were prioritized.

Yesterday my resourcefulness (aka charm) was tested too. I went to Robinsons and I took Sophia’s face shield by mistake. The guard told me half-shields or what-they’re-called, are not allowed. I almost lost my cool. I mean, come on! With the only country using them (still) and studies showing they are completely useless, you would think nobody would notice, let alone care, the size of mine! The mall was a mere 5minute (as opposed to today’s half hour) walk away, but again, I just had to try! It was a resounding success. Again!

I have always been like this. Other people would have just walked away and came back after 3 hours, or a day! As long as what I am asking for is within reason (I mean if the store was full then maybe I would not have bothered), trust that my will finds a way! Resourcefulness is one of my traits I hope Sophia picks up.

Sometimes all we need to do is ask. And just do it!



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