How Do You Nurture A Child?

I write at night (unless I get inspiration at other times of the day like 2 days ago while I was having my sim card replaced), both gratitude journal and blog. Before Sophia sleeps, she usually asks me what my blog’s title is and lately I’ve been coming up with a blank. It is already 11:17 pm and panicking (I wanted to post by 11pm).

She would normally have suggestions when I tell her I have no idea yet, and tonight she came up with how do you nurture a child? Today is her recital for her online acting and ballet lessons, so maybe for her, nurturing her means something like giving her opportunities to explore.

May have sounded like an innocent remark, but something snapped inside of me. All her life, I tried to get away with spending the least when it comes to her (or maybe more appropriately, to material things).

She played Cinderella earlier and I had a friend (so very thankful for all the help, dear Roney) who did her make up. It so happened that Sophia was wearing an old dress with (I wish I can say little) holes. Whenever we notice it, we would just both laugh. My friend laughed too, saying, oh it’s Cinderella all right. I just agreed and said, yep she’s in character.

This is not the first time I contemplated about the possibility that maybe I am being too hard on her. I cannot really blame her faulty wardrobe to the pandemic, three years ago, she was already fashioning the below-knee pajamas style (which unfortunately did not become mainstream).

Maybe I need to review my priorities. I realized that I am very focused in investments that I am shortchanging my daughter. If I (apparently) could afford to lose ten grand (times x) on properties, then I certainly can afford 80 dollars worth (24 sessions) of extra lessons for her.

Thank you, Sophia. I have taught you to tell me (respectfully) when I am being unfair and unreasonable. As my first and only child (so far), I do need the feedback, my love. I appreciate you so much. You are one of the two (other being myself) main reasons why I am striving to get better.

I promise I will listen to your criticisms (made in a very loving manner) and keep an open mind. I love you dearly, Anak.

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia #HomeschoolingSophia

Isn’t she lovely? Save for the little holes on her dress? Lol

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