How Do You Reset Your BDO Mobile Banking?

You can’t. Several days ago, I could not log in to my BDO mobile banking. I tried logging in to the website and it worked (only to find out my password has my ex fiancĂ©’s last name on it) but it is more convenient to use the app so I kept trying. It lasted for a couple of days, and so I reinstalled the app. Big mistake! I was asked for an OTP (one time PIN) sent to my old number.

I had to go to the bank for to ask for help. Apparently I needed to update my app. My intention was to change my mobile number in their system so I can get the OTP. As it turned out, there are separate systems for online banking and the (traditional?) branch banking. I get that, for security purposes, yada yada yada.

I then asked the branch manager to connect me to the department handling mobile banking. I was told the only option I had was to delete my old online account and create a new one using my active number. Naturally, I tried to find a way (ironically, the bank’s tag line is we find ways! Which, as lots of customers know, is a big fat joke! Find ways to squeeze money out of the public is more like it!). Just thinking about having to enroll the 3rd party accounts and billers gives me a headache.

I suggested several possible solutions, like maybe sending me a reset code or something, or if there is a way for them to update my mobile number so I can receive the OTP, or the equivalent of a forgot password maybe? What irritated me the most was how they kept shooting my suggestions down, for my own security. I mean, come on! What is more secure than the account holder herself going to the bank with proper identification cards? I would understand for clients who are abroad or for some reason could not go to the bank! But seriously, what is more secure than my going to the branch?!

Still trying to find a way (which is more than what I can say for the clowns I have spoken with) I requested (then later demanded) to speak to the supervisor. At first I was given a lot of excuses, like not available, on another call, they’ll ring me instead. At this point, I was very close to having an anxiety attack (for the first time) as I needed to make several transfers and payments via the app (that’s right, mostly for the same bank’s home loans etc).

I insisted and said I would wait for an hour if I needed to. These people, they never return calls. And very late, if at all. I retract my earlier statement, this is more annoying! Five minutes passed, and I finally spoke with the supervisor (this is not the first time I was given all sorts of reasons I could not speak to someone in charge, and not the first time I was able to have my way). To be fair with the customer service representative, there’s really nothing they could do for me (I really think they should come up with a more realistic tag line).

In the end, I needed to go to the phone company to get my sim replaced. It took more time than I would have cared for, but I still believe it was a win for me. I am so grateful for my resourcefulness. Otherwise, I could have just given up when told there is no way (seriously, the tag line does not suit the bank at all). Being persistent sure pays off.

I would like to close my rant with the suggestion I tried to make the supervisor see the sense behind of. I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced (and will in the future) getting locked out of mobile banking. In keeping with their tag line, should not there be something they can do at the back office when the account holder (after properly identifying him or herself) visits the bank and needs an access to their online banking account they got locked out of? I get the separate systems. I appreciate the bank trying to make our online experience more secure. However, how difficult is it to have the branch manager identify and vouch for the account holder’s identity. And are they aware of video calls, if the back office people would not take the manager’s word for it.

So anyway, to answer my title’s question, you cannot. I am still hoping they will find a way.


The annoying pop up message I got for two days!

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