How Do You Charge Your Phone?

I used to have this very cool and efficient habit of waiting until my battery dies before I charge (while my phone is off). Or so I thought. Someone told me how actually annoying it was. I cannot say I was surprised, everytime we were out together, I had to connect to his hotspot and / or borrow his powerbank. I suppose it was fortunate that we were opposites. I used to tease him about how anxious he gets when his battery is at 40%! Can you believe this guy? I mean, I am so calm at half that!

I saw the episode in Seinfeld about how the epic Kramer tried to see how far he can go without gassing up. He told me about this episode in one of my living on the edge incident. Being at home all the time now and almost always online, I noticed that I had to charge at least three times! I got worried about my battery (I have no plan to buy a new phone yet, it is only 3 years old, 7 more to go!) so I actually researched about how to take care of it properly.

Turned out I was doing it wrong. Draining is counterproductive, so I changed.


Where’s your phone at?

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