How Do You Lose A Grand?

As usual, I waited until the very last day to pay for my credit card bill. I know I should have paid online earlier this week for convenience, but I like living on the edge. I needed to withdraw some cash from the machine yesterday, too so I do not have to do it over the counter. See, I kind of prepared somehow.

Part of the money I will use to pay is in my BPI account, and they have an ATM down at Robinson’s forum, right on the way to Unionbank. Unfortunately, it was out of service. I messaged some of my friends who I knew (and hoped) have a Unionbank account. I thought maybe I could transfer to their BPI account online and they can pay for me online.

Another option was to go back to another building (which is approximately the same distance to home) where there is another machine. I am not a fan of withdrawing from a different bank’s ATM, they charge what, eighteen pesos now (0.36 USD)? And that is per transaction, and they impose like maximum of 4k (80 USD) each. If I need 40 grand, you do the Math, eh?

So I went straight to the bank to pay partial, hoping to find someone who can pay online for me. I ran out of luck, so yeah, I walked all the way to find a working BPI ATM and had to come back to pay the rest of my due. I just thought of it as my daily exercise.

On my way home, I passed by a fruit stand and decided to buy some mangoes. After paying, I realized my wallet is empty (which is not unusual, tbh) when I should have a grand there left!

I am the kind of person who normally do not carry (that much) cash around. Oh, who am I kidding, I would trash my purse if I could get away with it. I am pretty sure I should have a thousand peso bill left because I always withdraw up to the nearest thousand of my bill. Since I do not usually have cash in my wallet.

I calmed myself down and retracked my steps, making sure I did not stop by a store and bought something (again, very unusual of me). So I brought the mangoes home and went back to Unionbank (for the third time) and asked if maybe I overpaid.

I told the lady that I honestly did not count the bills before handing them to her. I admitted it was a mistake (and certainly would never do ever again) but if only she can check her drawer (or what’s it called). She said she just balanced her money out or something, and nothing was amiss.

Of course, that did not deter me at all. I asked how I can request for the CCTV footage to be seen or something and was told by the manager that it takes time, yada yada yada. I was confident enough to tell her that I am willing to wait. I showed her my withdrawals for this specific payment (thank goodness I was able to fix my BDO online banking). In the end, I left them my phone number and she said they’ll update me.

To be fair, she did. This day also. They found the one thousand peso bill. Underneath the table, of all places! Aw come on, was she freaking kidding me? I mean, if I was in the mood, I would have insisted on having the CCTV cameras checked. Seriously, lamest excuse ever. Like, there was no way that happened. I pulled the wad of bills from my purse on top of the table, in front of her. Anyway, I was just glad they found my money.

Let us all be mindful. I know I would not have been able to forgive myself if I lost that bill. Being aware of how much I have exactly sure helps. Though lately it is not a challenge to keep track at all. Moral lesson of the story, always count your money, especially before paying your bills! How painfully ironic would it have been if I saved 180 pesos from withdrawal fees, only to lose 1,000?

Nope, I do not lose a cent, much less a grand.

#ToABetterSarah #ShowMeTheMoney

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