How Do You Keep Your Child Away From Screens?

Pre-pandemic, I am proud to say that Sophia’s screen time is very limited. I am not a big fan of TV so we go for months without turning on our set (her first trip to the cinema was in Singapore when she was 5, a friend took her to Aladdin’s premier since I needed to work that night) and she was only allowed a couple of hours on the iPad on the weekends. I was very particular about her being with people and playing with kids rather than in front of a black box watching two-dimensional people doing ang saying all sorts of stuff.

Unfortunately, this lockdown ruined my plans. There is not much to do inside the house, so she has been spending more time than I would like watching videos and playing digital games. Starting our own YouTube channel certainly did not help. Though I am happy that she has learned some very useful skills editing videos and all, the other night she told me she could not read from afar as well as before. Maybe that was a wake up call for me to find a way.

Get her a new toy that she is interested in. And hopefully, it is good for her, too.

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

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