How Do You Play The Squid Game?

I just have not gotten around to watching it, but maybe about a month ago, someone told me I would enjoy the show. Not really. Though the theme revolves around the topic of money, there was one reference to insurance (when the protagonist’s mother is diagnosed with diabetes and turned out her son surrendered her policy).

I find the episodes gruesome. I mean all those people dying in all sorts of grotesque manner. It was discussed in the end, and I remember thinking the players were not treated like human beings, but more like race horses and fighting cocks. Talk about survival of the fittest.

I cannot say I was surprised by the ending. From the beginning, Player 1 was a bit of a mystery to me. How did an old man get there? Like the rest, did he also incur an enormous debt? His reason for the game however, that he was bored and just wanted to have fun, was inhumane. How he amassed his wealth explained how the organization knows intensively about the desperate circumstances these individuals are in. Another puzzle for me was Jun-Ho’s brother, which was never explained. I just assumed he did it for the money.

I do not know! Why do they have to hop on one leg anyway?


I do not want to play.

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