How Do You Buy An iPad?

Again, for the record, the iPad is not mine and I did this as a favor to someone. I had the unit reserved last Nov 19, because I wanted to get the student discount in PowerMac. It is a whooping 3.8K, not bad eh? Anyway, I was told I need to present Sophia’s certificate of registration from the registrar and / or ID. I asked my daughter’s school for the certificate and it took them 6 days to reply after 2 follow ups! Then I was told I need to pay P150 and it will take 3-5 days. Are they freaking kidding me? Of course, I asked for the OR instead, which I have found out when they sent that I had it in my email all along.

So 8 days after I had the unit reserved, I went back, and fortunately, the iPad is still available. I showed PowerMac megamall the OR and I had something to eat while they asked for the approval. It is a good thing that I did because I was there 5pm and was not back at home until almost 9pm! While eating, I was told they need a document with Sophia’s LRN number (not sure what that is but prolly student number of some sort). It was annoying, I was told it was either the certificate or the receipt! Anyway, I did not give up. I asked a friend if I can borrow her son’s documents for the discount. It took a while to process, waiting for emails and all (1 in particular took almost 30 min to arrive).

I walked to Megamall and a lot while finding somewhere to eat. I know I have decided to loosen the purse strings a bit, but I still cannot help but look at the right side of the menu when choosing where to eat. Another problem earlier was I really did not know what I wanted. I ended up spending P320 (approximately $6.34) on a burger, onion rings and iced tea. My old self would have settled for a P100 fast food meal. I am not sure whether to be proud of myself or not. I suppose not being too stingy (literally) hurts sometimes. In the end, I was still so happy to have saved P5.4K, especially since I was only expecting P3.8K.

If you will buy a new #iPad, bring a copy of your (or your friend’s) child’s school documents to get a discount, and they allow up to 12 months 0% installment.


So proud of myself!

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