The Gift Of High Technology

When I was watching Seinfeld, I was amazed at how the characters where able to keep up with their appointments and stuff. I could not imagine living in a world without mobile phones now.

If mobile phones transformed the way we do things, crypto currencies revolutionized the world! I have never been a fan of banks, where accountholders earn 0.75% of savings per annum (less withholding tax) and are charged 18 pesos per withdrawal at other banks’ machines. And don’t get me started on the insane credit card charges!

Lately I have been getting my feet wet with crypto games and I it so amazing! I have not made any money yet, have not even gotten back the little I could afford right now, but the possibilities is exciting! I am grateful for this new opportunity, and the means to make my new-found passion (still lotsa risky) a little safer.

What is your latest technology device?


I would prefer black, but out of stock.

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