The Gift Of Sleep

Sleep, or rest in general, is something I took for granted before the pandemic. I mean, rest is for the weak and there is no rest for the wicked! I am relatively young and was not hospitalized since I was 7, except for when I gave birth (for a couple of nights). I suppose like any young person out there, I still feel a bit invincible.

The pandemic completely changed my lifestyle. I no longer have to go to a branch meeting at 9am (from a date that lasted the whole night and maybe still not done), call a client at lunchtime, show a prospective buyer a property, and catch an 8pm flight all in one crazy day! And I usually need an extra 10min to pack a suitcase and look for my passport before I absolutely need to book a grab to the airport, lest I miss my plane.

Staying at home all day everyday is also tiring in a different way. Aside from the fact that I am an extrovert and I find pleasure in going out and all that, what I miss the most is the excitement of getting up in the morning, wondering what the day will bring! Now I know what exactly will happen.

I go to bed at 2am, wake up at 5am to play bombcrypto, go back to sleep, get up at 9am (sometimes Sophia wakes up before I do), play again, work, have brunch at 12 (after Sophia’s class), play and work again, catch a quick nap while Sophia swims, play and work, eat, and repeat. It is so exhausting. Not what I do, I don’t mind them, but the boring routine! There is no pleasant encounters with old friends on the streets, no dressing up (top and shorts and flip flops, as opposed to wearing pajamas and night shirts all day), no traveling, no nothing!

I realized I am now just ranting. Anyway, instead of dwelling on all these frustrating times, I am grateful for rest today. I slept for 6 hours and 10 minutes straight! My average last month is 5 hours and 33 minutes. And lately, I feel like I’m constantly sleepy. It is not a good state to be in.

More importantly, the fact that I’m losing sleep because of a game that I am making money from (Sophia sees me playing and I tell her I’m not playing for fun) is way better than because of an ache in my heart pining away for someone who obviously has forgotten about me. Still hurts, but at least it does not result to my crying myself to sleep.

Do you get enough sleep lately?


It has been a long time!


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