The Gift Of A Good Problem

We have been busy lately with guests. I usually bring Sophia with me to meet tenants from the lobby, bring blankets and towels to the units, request of waiver of penalties from the admin office, buy glasses and pans at the supermarket, borrow trolleys for guests, etc.

After 20 months of not being able to host guests, the change in pace is certainly welcome. Even before pandemic, I make it a point to interact with my tenants personally. I do have the gift of making people feel comfortable with me in a few seconds, sometimes with just a voice call or even text messages. I am so pleased to find out that I have still got it!

Like spiderman says, however, with great power comes great responsibility. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to make money with my real estate investments once again. But today was not a very good one. I woke up to my tenant’s message about the bidet hose breaking and causing a flood in the unit and 4 others outside. And to think yesterday I found out that the shower system in my friend’s unit needs to be replaced, too! I suppose over all, I am still thankful that we need to fix the units because tenants are booking the place! The best part still is getting to meet so many interesting people!

What is a good problem you had recently?


I am happy to have these fix in order to have the place rented out.

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