The Gift Of A Good Eyesight

Probably one of my greatest regrets (second only to breaking up with my ex-fiance at the start of the pandemic) in my last relationship (or maybe even in life) is not accepting his offer to have my eyes fixed. I did not bother while we were going out because I wanted to make the most of our short time together when he was here for work. Now, it’s like, what the hell was I thinking?! I do not like wearing glasses (supposed to since high school but didn’t, and don’t), contact lenses creeps me out (it is a wonder I was able to do it really) and lasik surgery scares me. But for sure, if someone offers me a free one in the future, I will gladly accept.

I woke up this morning feeling ok (not great, but fine). Then midday my eyes started to sting. I shrugged it off as maybe due to lack of sleep, I closed them and put cucumbers on top (maybe this will help with the dark circles, too). It did not help and I noticed that my eyes are producing gound. I immediately got eye drops and slept after.

I can barely open my eyes when I woke up and I could barely see a thing with the thick mucus (sorry, gross) all over them. I suddenly realized how important my eyes are and that I should take care of them better. I wish someday I can have a 20/20 vision again. I am grateful I can still see.

How do you care for your eyes?


Can you tell in what photo I was smiling?


  1. CARAMEL says:

    I think you were smiling in the top photo.


    1. It really shows, yeah?


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