The Gift Of A Childhood Friend

The pandemic has tested my patience, resilience and strength. I have come to accept that there are things I really have no control over, especially other people and their actions. I have learned however, that there is one person I can, me.

Twenty one months ago, I was so bitter and anxious and depressed and hopeless. To try and stop myself from overthinking (and replace at least one tenth of my income), I did all sorts of ways to make money. I have sold fresh meat, rice, cooked meals, pizza, banana and chocolate bread, french fries, street foods, etc. During the time when it took 2-3 hours in line to get into the supermarket, I shopped for my neighbors for a fee.

It was tiring and time-consuming, and to be honest, not really worth it. I suppose I did it mainly to keep busy. Given the chance however, I would gladly do those things again. The best thing about the whole experience was getting to know my neighbors.

One of them has become a good friend, Apple. She has a cute 4yo daughter named Tania, whom Sophia loves playing with. Grateful to have met you two! I love your Christmas present! I’m seriously considering retracting my most-cherished one this year! Hahaha.

Thank you for the gift of friendship! I hope we remain friends for a long time! We love you and Tania!

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

We love you! ❤


  1. Sadje says:

    I love this story


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