Sophia See Sophia Do 4 (Crybaby)

Written April 15, 2021:

I was so glad I was back from my morning walk when my daughter woke up. First words out of her mouth when she opened her eyes were, “I’m going to miss my cousins when they leave.” I told her they already left, and she started sobbing.

Sophia has seen me cry a million times before! From when she was a newborn (which she thankfully does not remember) up to the recent present (last night). I was told a few times not to cry in front of my daughter. I do not remember the reasons why they think so, but the only one which I probably agrees with is that it seems like there really is an emotional bond between mothers and daughters (or children). I have noticed that my mood affects her. And she tells me so herself, “Mommy, please stop crying, because I feel sad too.” On these occasions, I would try my best to calm down.

But thinking about it, crying is healthy.

Mommy: it is ok to cry, Sophia. It is good for you to be able to show your emotions. Let it out, Anak
Sophia: I am sorry, Mommy. But I feel really sad
M: I know, baby. My brothers left too, and I understand how you are feeling
S: I do not want to cry though, Mommy
M: why, my darling?
S: because I do not like feeling sad
M: nobody does, sweetheart. Sadness is normal, however, and everybody cries. It is good that you let your emotions out, otherwise you will be burdened inside
S: what do you mean, Mommy?
M: well… how did you feel after you cried?
S: I am not sure, Mommy. I am still sad
M: but do you at least feel a little bit better?
S: yes
M: sometimes Sophia, it would be like it is taking forever for you to cry before you feel better, but it always help

How do you explain to a 7 year old that it is not always sunshine and rainbows and butterflies?

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

It’s not fair how you’re still cute even when you cry.

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