Sophia Learns Fairy Tales Are Just That, Tales

Written January 18, 2021:

After watching Descendants Wicked World yesterday…

Sophia: Mommy, I don’t know some of the characters’ parents.
Mommy: yeah, we haven’t watched and read a lot of fairy tales.
S: I know, Mommy! I will make a list of Disney movies we should watch.

When I was her age, I was a big fan of Disney! I grew up believing knights in shining armors exist and everyone deserves a happy ending. Then of course life happened, and I learned the hard way that there are more frogs (and they won’t turn into a prince no matter how many times I kiss them [and more! Lol]) than princes!

I remember when Sophia was born, I preferred reading books about animals and things rather than fairy tales.

S: I wonder though why we haven’t watched these movies.
M: sorry, Anak. Number 1 I am not fond of movies. Number 2 I don’t want you to expect to have a fairy tale life.
S: what d’you mean, Mommy?

I would hate to make you believe in fairy godmothers and magic roses and a true love’s kiss, only to grow up and learn that evil witches and cursed spinning wheels and poisoned apples are more common.

I have risked believing again, thinking I have finally found my Prince Charming. Unfortunately, the clock struck midnight too soon and unlike Cinderella, I don’t have a magical glass slipper. I was definitely in distress and instead of rescuing me, he left!

I suppose there is nothing wrong with knowing fairy tales and believing in the possibility of a happy ever after. The danger lies in making decisions based on a person you think is the one. Whatever happens, Sophia, always be the master of your fate. Should you be fortunate to meet someone who challenges you to grow and pushes you to be the best version of yourself, make that plan b, not your end goal.

We have watched Frozen, Moana and Brave a lot. I am so glad Disney is becoming less and less centered on a dashing brave prince rescuing a damsel in distress theme. I like how true love turned out to be that of the sisters’, and how Moana and Merida (like Mulan) are very courageous.

This is a tricky subject. Even as an adult, I am confused between having a hopeful heart (and being vulnerable to get hurt) or a skeptical one (and taking the risk of attracting crappy relationships). I am always afraid I am not doing a good job raising Sophia, and this is one of my waterloos.

Where do I draw the line?

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

Update: nothing has changed.


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