Sophia Accepts

My precious and I had a long night again. Tomorrow, Ate Zaria leaves, so naturally she cried a lot. We took her home to say farewell and crazy Tita Zazel taught her to shake it off whenever she feels like crying.

I kept telling her there’s nothing we can do, Ate Zaria missed (was not able to attend, not sad however) several weeks of school already. I wanted to teach her acceptance, that there are things beyond out control. I suppose sometimes I need to bring it down to her level, I do treat her more like an adult than a child. Thank you for the wisdom, Tita Zaze! She does need different, stronger, better and other ways of seeing things than what she is used to with me. So before going to bed, Sophia shook it off.

It is uncanny how I wrote this article with a video of me jumping rope, and now Sophia jumped (while shaking it off) on the bed.

Written April 1, 2021:

“Whatever you cannot enjoy doing, you can at least accept that this is what you have to do. Acceptance means: For now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly. Performing an action in the state of acceptance means you are at peace while you do it. That peace is a subtle energy vibration which then flows into what you do. On the surface, acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it is active and creative because it brings something entirely new into this world. That peace, that subtle energy vibration, is consciousness, and one of the ways in which it enters this world is through surrendered action, one aspect of which is acceptance.

If you can neither enjoy or bring acceptance to what you do – stop. Otherwise, you are not taking responsibility for the only thing you can really take responsibility for, which also happens to be one thing that really matters: your state of consciousness. And if you are not taking responsibility for your state of consciousness, you are not taking responsibility for life.”

I accept what my current situation and the present moment requires me to do.

For more than a year now, business has not been so good. Is that so? (Nonresistance)

For many months now, I am still recovering from my broken engagement. Family and friends: I’m so sorry, Sarah. Maybe. (Nonjudgement)

For how long still, I am not certain. This, too, will pass. (Nonattachment)

I highly recommend A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I will make a coniscious effort to practice what I have learned.

PS. Today, I jumped. Because, why not? Lol. Thank you Ate Sharon for the rope. Thank you for the video, Anak.

How do you teach a child acceptance?

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

Update: to be completely honest, I cannot say I have fully internalized acceptance. With any luck, Sophia learns it faster than me.

Jump and shake!!!

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  1. Sadje says:

    It’s a very important concept to learn and teach. Acceptance comes naturally to some and foot others, it has to be a acquired valuable lesson.


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