Sophia Knows Delayed Gratification

Written January 22, 2021:

I went to Data Blitz to get Sophia’s present number 5. I already knew how much the unit costs, and I asked the lady how many games is included. I was shocked (and dismayed) when she told me I need to buy separately. My next question was if they have like 50 in 1 maybe (I remember family computer and 500 in one games!) . She didn’t show it but maybe she was laughing inside. I was expecting it to be around 500 pesos, but I was surprised it costs more than 3x! The guy beside me said it’s relatively cheaper, since most games cost at least 2k pesos each.

Sophia waited for this for more than a month (bravo on your patience, Babu!) and she knew I was getting it for her (and I didn’t have time to gift wrap), so when I got home she immediately asked what was in the bag. I love you, Anak. She was so happy when she saw it, I could not help but smile and feel warm inside.

Every time my daughter wants something, she would ask if she could have it for her birthday, or for Christmas. I suppose I should be thankful there are only 2 special days in a year for her (and the next one is 11 months away whew!) Lol. Kidding aside, I am so glad I have not spoiled my daughter.

I could not believe I am going to have a 7 year old tomorrow!!!

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

Update: now I could not believe I am going to have an 8 year old tomorrow! Went around all day trying to complete her presents again.


  1. ultratane says:

    Rā Whānau ki a koe Sophia ❤ 🎂
    Happy Birthday to you Sophia!


  2. Sadje says:

    A very happy birthday to Sophia. 💖


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