Sophia Knows The Difference Between Wants And Needs

Someone dear gave my daughter 100 dollars as a birthday present. I asked Sophia what she wants and she said she does not need anything. It has been two days now and it seems like she has forgotten all about it. I have taken the liberty to use part of the money to help someone who needs it more.

Of course Sophia asks for stuff, too. For instance the switch, iPad and piano. Whenever she wants something, I would always tell her maybe I will get it for her birthday, or Christmas. I suppose I do that in case I cannot gibe it to her yet. I am a reasonable parent, so when I see she needs what she wants (ipad for school and piano for lessons), I do not wait for 10 months to give it to her. The switch she waited for a month last year.

There are times when I feel guilty, that I am being too hard on her. I would like to think, however, that she will benefit from the lessons I am trying to teach her, that someday she will be grateful I have raised her this way. It may be early for her, but I want her to be aware of the fact that the world will not cater to her every whim, that more often than not things do not go our way, that buying and having things will not replace any void we may feel inside and that what we need are love, peace and health, the rest just icing on the cake.

I hope she grows up not spending just for the sake of it. I hope she does not forget that there are things she do not need to live, that the best things in life are free and that less is better.

#ToABetterSarah #RaisingSophia

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  1. Sadje says:

    You’re very wise Sarah.


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