Love Is Not Being Alone

Update: this was definitely not the last post I wrote about him. But the good news is, I would like to believe that the have let him go now.

Love Is Like A Dream Come True

Update: I realized instead of staying up all night contemplating on what may or may not happen should I decide to get back in the game, I would be better off spending my time dreaming about the life I want for me and my daughter and making sure it comes true.

Love Keeps Me Up All Night

For now when I go to bed at night, I cannot help but wonder whether I am better off being alone, or put myself out there and risk it all again.

Love Makes Life Rich

Update: after almost 2 years, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of realizations during the pandemic (and lockdowns) made me see things differently. Including what really matters, the relationships we have with the people who matters to us. Spouse or partner may only be third on the list, but I am still on it.

Love Forgets?

Update: I still do not delete. It does not matter anyway, I have photos of men I have dated before my ex-fiance and I could not care less about them now, and do not recall much about their faces (unless I look at those snapshots). I reckon it depends on the person we are trying to forget, and not whether we have some things to remember them by or none.

Love Is Addictive

“People in love also have high levels of PEA, a natural amphetamine found in chocolate. It may be what helps fuel the sudden ability to go without sleep as you stay up all night with your lover.” I am sorry guys, it is not because we are so damn hot. 😄

Love Is A Decision

Update: I am consciously making a decision to not live in the past and give love (and myself) another chance.

Love Is Finding Ways

In the end, I think my biggest takeaway from the movie is that no matter how difficult and impossible it may seem, two people who are determined will really find a way to be together.

Love Gives

While we give when we love, I will argue that we get so much more. What makes it more wonderful is how it is not our (main) intentions at all but the by-product of doing something that gives us so much joy.

Love Is Taxing For Women

It kind of makes me wonder if feminism is the way to go. If a woman is not planning to get married anyway, then good for her! It is just sad how the successful, intelligent and well educated ones who are have bleaker prospects than their less successful, less intelligent and less educated counterparts. Do women really have to choose? I sure hope I can have both someday.

Love Is Not Self-Sacrifice

When we do something for a person we feel and claim we love, may we do it willingly, not expect anything in return, and especially not make the other person feel like they owe us. Would it not be more wonderful if our actions are inspired by the glorious force of love instead of self sacrifice?

Love Gives Joy

Most of my adult life, I have lived an aimless existence, not really knowing who I am and why I am. I have started looking for the answers, and pretty soon I will find them, if it’s the last thing I do. But I have no desire to live a depressing life, now where do I find joy?

Love Changes People

What are your life defining moments? What did you learn, and how did this shape the person you have become?

Love Is Difficult

Update: I have yet to meet someone who may not necessarily make love easy, but is definitely worth the problems and pain.

Love Is…

Know that I have not completely given up on you yet! I may not know when and where and how I will meet you, but we will! I may not believe in them entirely, but if you can just give me a sign… I would really appreciate it!