Love Is Learning New Things

Written May 11, 2021:

Get Under Someone Else

As I was Googling the quote, turns out it is more common than I thought! I have also tried this before, and it totally works! Maybe the reason I am stuck right now is because I could not go out and meet people yet. Some tells me this is not a healthy way of getting over someone. But apparently, there’s a neurological explanation for it.

“When people talk about the pain of a broken heart, they are being more literal than you would think. Rejection activates the same brain circuits as physical pain. In fact, being in love literally rewires the brain. One of the chemicals released is oxytocin. Along with causing feelings of euphoria, it also appears to melt old neural connections so that large-scale changes in the brain can take place. This makes it easier to learn new things, such as replacing feelings of love for an old partner with feelings of love for a new partner.”

How long is a healthy amount of time to be alone and maybe reflect on an old relationship before even considering jumping into a new one? Because unless one is not empathic at all, it does not feel good to be in the receiving end of a rebound relationship. Is Phoebe, Monica, or Joey right?

How could one be sure that he or she has completely replaced the old feelings? That a call from an ex would not make his or her heart skip beats once more? When someone gets back together with an ex lover, does that mean he or she has fallen in love again? I mean, supposing he or she has been involved with someone else.

Is getting under someone else the best way to get over someone?

#ToABetterSarah #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow

PS. I saw quotes on how awkward it is to get over someone you have not even dated. And I’ve been there, too! I better be careful not to have to go through this again.

Update: pretty soon I will put this theory to the test. I really hope it works.

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