Love Is Addictive

Written May 10, 2021:


“There is a great deal of emerging scientific evidence that being in love does strange things to the brain. According to functional MRI scans, infatuated love activates the same brain circuits as obsession, mania, and intoxication. One study found that the areas of the brain activated by cocaine were the same ones that became active when lovers were shown photographs of their partners. Louann Brizendine, a neuropsychiatrist, has compared the brain activity of a person in love to that of a drug addict craving his next fix.”

First of all, being in love does strange things to the brain? Tell me something I don’t know! For even when I am not in love, I already am a lunatic! And when I am, forget about it! Lol. Now I have never ever tried any kind of illegal drugs. Maybe because I am such a wuss! And I am plain scared of getting addicted and ruining my life. Who knew I have been avoiding the wrong kind? For at least one’s brain is only affected while taking in the drug, but being in love lasts for months and sometimes years!

Well, I am reacting on the presumption that being in love is not a good thing. And supposing it is not, would it help me now to know the feeling of getting high? Because it sure could get confusing at times. Like, do I like this person as a friend? Or, yeah I am definitely attracted, but is it just lust? Or, how do I know if I really love this person, and I am not just projecting some lingering feelings for someone else?

“People in love also have high levels of PEA, a natural amphetamine found in chocolate. It may be what helps fuel the sudden ability to go without sleep as you stay up all night with your lover.” I am sorry guys, it is not because we are so damn hot. 😄

#ToABetterSarah #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow

PS. Both photos taken Oct 2019. I was definitely high then.

Update: I am ready to get high again.

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