Today I Learn That Love Sells

I hope this month it will be different. Hopefully because I hope I will not be writing much about the love of my life that could have been.

Isn’t It Harder These Days?

What do I do with this knowledge? How do I make my afternoons a little bit more exciting? Got any ideas? Because I’m out.

Isn’t Coding Exciting?

Shall I just go ahead and teach my 7 year old how to printf hello world? And to make sure not to forget the ;?

Isn’t Our Nightsky Romoontic?

Sarah, don’t forget to appreciate the small things. Have you taken the time to look at the moon lately? Drop a photo in the comment and tell me where you took it from.

10 Honest Mistakes Even Great Parents Make Part 1

I suppose the most important lesson parenting has taught me is that I need to be careful with my life decisions because another life is depending on me to make the best and right ones. What’s yours?

Would You Rather Reflect Or Be Unconscious

Can you say you really know yourself? It is fun! I encourage you to get to know yourself better, for like me, you might just find that the person in the mirror is such a lovely human being!